Who We Are

Innolink is a Certified Category ‘A’ Security Printing Company incorporated in Ghana in the year 2001. Using the State-of-the-art printing machinery and equipment, the firm has the capability of handling all printing jobs from start to finish; relying entirely on its own resources. This enables Innolink to undertake the entire spectrum of the job in-house. What this means is that the whole production process: from the stage of conception of the idea, through design and all the interrelated activities, to the stage of delivering the finished job to the customer, is carried out within our own premises. In fact, no aspect of the job is subcontracted to any outsider.

It is the policy of the company to ensure absolute security of all jobs in our hands, including the management of waste products such as parts of prints that do not meet our quality standards. Another important aspect of our business is to ensure high standard of quality. It is basically for this reason, that of security, among others, that we have invested in all the relevant machinery and equipment that will make us self-reliant at all the stages of production. It is part of our corporate policy to be in absolute control of quality and security; and it is only by performing all the production activities in-house that we can achieve this target.

Enhance Efficiency

The process of printing and renovation according to project.

Ensure The Highest Quality

Highest standards of quality, hence our tagline; quality without compromise!!!

Meet The Most Stringent Deadlines

Customer satisfaction is the hallmark by which we measure our performance

And Most Importantly, Deliver As Promised

Commitment to quality, integrity and experience, and clients satisfaction.


Project skills

Performance Indicators
Extra man-hours
Using eco materials


We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.